Lesson 6 - The Aura Viewing II

By Frances

As I walked through the gardens this evening, I was thinking how crisp and clear it is tonight, and I noticed the moon. How many of you saw it? Did you notice its aura?

Most generally the moons’ aura, when visible, is called the “Halo”, and it is seen by everyone. The Most general explanation for the halo, and the one I am sure you all have heard, is that of the light of the moon shining through atmospheric gases.

In a very general way, this explanation is almost correct. What we are viewing is the VIBRATORY FIELD of the moon, through a FILTER. This filter is composed of various gaseous elements trapped in the atmosphere and suspended between the moon and ourselves. We could liken this filter to a LENS, and say that we are viewing the moon through a gigantic lens. Using this same principle, science is working upon colored filters for viewing the human aura. It has been found that certain colors are better than others, and that different colors produce different effects.

There are several devices on the market right now for aura viewing. Most of them work to some degree, if the eyes and senses are trained – by sensitizing, and practice! Which, of course, is precisely the theory that we are utilizing in this class.

Here is something noteworthy. When you enter a room filled with people and you see them talking, laughing, eyes shining, noticeably bright and alert, and then there is something else noticeable there – some kind of movement, all over the room. Would anyone care to explain to us why this might be?

This is common on the night of the full moon. You might make a note of this in your notebooks and we will keep track, through these lessons, of our actions, moods, and feelings, and through the progressions of the moon.

This also has importance in our work with the aura, especially as we develop and begin to read the aura of others. It would be wise to test and practice our own responses, here in class, so that we become familiar with the mood changes.

Please write in your notebook:

The vibrations of the MOON react as HEAT. They create friction, emotion, and nervous excitement. The intensity of reaction to any of the above may be measured by the phase of the moon.

Conversely, the vibrations of the sun are exactly opposite! The vibrations of the sun are COOL. They have a soothing healing effect, and where the moon depletes energy through nervous exhaustion, the sun restores it through vitalizing energy.


During our last lesson, we studied the first three layers of the INNER AURA. This we term the ACTIVE half of the aura, the last three layers are the PASSIVE half, while the 4th layer, in between the Inner and Outer layers, constitutes the BRIDGE.

The Inner active aura reflects all that which we USE, as we grow, learn by study and experience, feel emotions, act and react to the life around us, so does this active half of the aura fluctuate, glow, and change in density. As we become adept at seeing or sensing the various layers and colors, we will notice that they are not always stationary.

Because the Active half of the aura does react to moods, exhilaration or lack of exhilaration, physical, and mental, I have always felt it wise to make at least two, and if possible, three readings, over a period of at least as many months to be as accurate as possible. I tell you this because you should know that the inner aura can and does fluctuate, and that your eyes and senses are not deceiving you if you do not see the same thing this week that you saw last week.

It is not so much a case of change, as the Veil and aura do not change in one’s lifetime. But personal interest does change. Thoughts, feelings, and physical health all undergo revision from day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-by-year. It is these stages that the aura reflects, and while basically the colors are always there, it is the ones that are being used most heavily that you, reading the aura, will see and interpret, and this partially by comparison to the less bright colors.

The 4th layer is called the INTUITIVE layer. It’s function is that of a bridge or a pathway between the inner and outer layers. It is over this bridge, or along this pathway that we bring our POTENTIAL into REALITY. In color, the 4th layer is green. The shade of green depends upon the amount of use that this layer receives. Or we could say, how much traffic there is over this bridge! As it is used it will deepen and brighten, so that you, viewing it, will see the 4th layer as a bright glowing green.

The 5th layer is called the CAUSAL layer. It could be likened to a storehouse, containing our LATENT abilities, all of our resources – our TOTAL POTENTIAL.

This layer is multi-colored, with soft, very sheer coloring. As your sight develops, and you become able to see this layer, you will observe that however soft the colors, they are not ill defined. Instead, they are sharp and clear cut, vivid, and vibrant.

The 6th and 7th ad infinitum layers are called the COSMIC layers. In color they range from the most delicate and sheerest of yellows in the 6th layer, to pearly luminous white in the upper layers.

To the Masters, to whom these layers are visible, are revealed our Cosmic “standing”! The evolution of our soul self, the distillation or essence of Spirit as defined by this specific Soul.

We could liken the 6th and up layers of the aura to the broad subterranean depths of the Cone of Consciousness, as it extends into the collective unconscious and on into the All Conscious or Cosmic Conscious.

The outer aura, composed of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and on up layers, is also known as the KARMIC aura. The 5th or CAUSAL layer is representative of every quality that we have brought with us into this life – every potential available for our use. In so far as the vast majority of us are concerned, the Cosmic layers are totally unrealized. Adepts, and those capable of Soul travel, may, under certain circumstances become aware, through their Guides or through the Akashic Records, of their Soul potential and so, the Cosmic layers of their aura.

This can also be accomplished by those souls traveling the path of conscious and subconscious soul development in this time. This does, however, require a very high degree of Cosmic Awareness, and concentrated and dedicated effort. I do not mean this to sound discouraging to you, however.

It is not we ourselves, in our conscious human mundane physical form that determine our state or stage of evolvement, or institute action towards evolution. Our development is in accord with a “time table” that our soul self has set. There are requirements, growth, and learning experiences that must be accomplished before the “me” or “ego” human self is deemed sufficiently learned for mergence with Cosmic Consciousness.

For those souls that have reached in this lifetime, this stage of evolvement, no amount of effort, work, and experience is too much, or too difficult. As the thirsty man craves water, so do these souls struggle for knowledge, realization, and fulfillment. And they do it in joy and exhilaration.

We can get some idea, vague though it is, from this, of our own soul’s progress on the path of its evolution.


Here is an experiment. Place several candles along a table about 4 feet in front of you. Light them and turn off the electric lights.

Now, the purpose of this experiment is NOT illusionary in any way. We are going to examine and determine the very obvious characteristics of the nimbus of the candle flame.

Sit back now, and relax into a comfortable position.

First, we will become aware of, and see, the actual light of the candle flame. You all should be able to distinguish the illumination from the candles throughout the room.

As you attempt to follow this illumination from the candle, you will notice that about 3 inches out from the flame there is what appears to be a solid ring of dense light that forms a perfect corona. Most of us, in observing the candle flame, see this corona first and most easily, but for right now, I want you to go back to the flame and find the PRANIC layer. Remember, we learned that it lies right next to the object (in this case, the flame) and follows its shape exactly. It is dark, and edged with light, and about 1/16 to 1/8 inch in width. Do you all see it?

What was the other word we used in connection with the pranic layer? It was the ENERGY PATTERN, remember? I want you to observe this energy pattern closely, as this is approximately what you see in the human aura.

Experiment with it a little. Let your eyes go out of focus – using peripheral vision – fix your gaze at a point above it, and be AWARE of the structure of the flame.

What you are actually seeing is very close to the density, the opaqueness, and at the same time the sheerness of the human aura!

Now shift your gaze out 2 to 3 inches. Do you all see the corona? THE AREA FROM THE FLAME TO THE CORONA COULD BE LIKENED TO THE HUMAN INNER AURA.

Then, from the corona, the radiance from the candle becomes the illumination. Squint your eyes just a little and see how you can follow this illumination. WE COULD LIKEN THIS RADIANCE TO THE HUMAN OUTER AURA.

Do you remember how we discussed the fact that the outer layers, from the 6th layer continue on, are ever expanding? These we called the COSMIC layers. Here, with the candle we can get some idea of the formation, appearance, and action of the aura as a whole.

I want you to continue work with the candle. Especially, I want you to practice shifting your gaze from a direct focus to an out-of-focus sight.

Practice the peripheral side vision technique – and don’t forget to use this same technique upon people with whom you come in contact.

May God and the Cosmos, Bless you all!

Until our next lesson…

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