Lesson 5 - The Aura Viewing

By Frances

By now I am sure you are beginning to understand some of the “whys” of the diverse subjects that we must touch upon -- to see some of the heights that we must scale -- to sense some of the awareness that is necessary in order to attune ourselves properly for this work.

Tonight I am going to talk for a little while on a subject of some importance in connection with Aura viewing and I will commence by telling you of an early experience of my own.

Suddenly, as I was viewing the aura for a certain person that had come to me for reading, I became aware of a gradual “forming” above and behind the persons head. As I watched (and yet not watched) there assembled the appearance of a man.

This was extremely interesting to me, as this precise phenomena had never occurred before. Other things, of which I will go into later, had happened, but never had I seen a person assemble like this. I forgot all about the aura as I watched!

The body of this man that I was watching never became clearly distinct, but the head and neck and set of his shoulders did. I was able to distinguish facial features, and describe them to the person I was reading for…

This was the subjects (we shall call him Mr. Z) father, and he appeared for me to see in order to give comfort to his son. Though I hadn’t known it when Mr. Z came to me for a reading, he had been emotionally and spiritually upset for some time, because he believed his father to be in a state of what he called “Limbo”. While basically the elder Mr. Z had been a man that lived by the “Golden Rule”, he claimed to be agnostic, and this caused his family grave concern, especially after his Transition. His son had had a number of dreams about his father, in which his father appeared “lost” and always in a very macabre state.

So now the elder Mr. Z assured his son, through me, that he was not in what his son called “limbo”. He was working hard and was very happy, and he desired his son to likewise be happy, and happy for him!

Now the point of telling you this little story should be fairly obvious. As we develop, and I mean spiritually, and in spiritual understanding, we attune ourselves that much more closely to the higher finer vibrations in spheres above and beyond our own. This means that we have to have knowledge, and that knowledge has to become a part of us. We have to consciously seek it, go out of our way to foster and nurture it.

We don’t leave any path unexplored. Even through the subject matter may not appeal to us particularly, or we may not agree with it, the fact that it has come to our attention, that it has been thrust into our path of consciousness, is not unplanned, is not accidental or for no reason at all. It all becomes part of our conscious, which in turn is broadened by it.

Because of my understanding, my knowledge and my readiness for this experience, I was able to help Mr. Z, and he left our consultation a much relieved and happier man.

This should all be a part of Auric Study. In order to do the job you want to do – to be able to put your knowledge to the most helpful use, it will become necessary that you study deeply in many fields.

Which brings up the point of PROTECTION. Because the experiences that you may encounter are wide and varied, and because at times they may be puzzling or even frightening, I think it is well that you should know a few things for your own protection, as well as the one for whom you might be reading.

Never forget, at the beginning of a “reading” or when you Meditate (even a very simple mediation in a moment of rest) to mentally surround yourself with the “White God Light” or “Cosmic” light. This is your primary source of protection against mischievous forces that might like to dismay or fool you. When you are reading for someone else, extend the Light to encompass them, too.

Do you know how to do this? Envision a great beam of light, pure God energy or Cosmic Energy, coming down to you from the Cosmic, and entering your body through the Crown Chakra on the very top of your head. Feel the Great Light enter your body, and be contained within it until you yourself begin to glow, just like a light bulb plugged into a socket. And you become so bright that your radiance glows outwardly, and you are surrounded by the “Great White Light”. Know that within this circle of protection, this Light, Nothing that is not of God, can enter. This protection, continues as long as it is needed, and when the need is over, you will be left with a warm relaxed feeling.

The other point of extreme importance is this… Never Rationalize. Always fall back on intuition. If you are puzzled and intellectually are not sure of the answer… LISTEN to the inner wisdom and you will never be wrong. The human BRAIN in the human man makes mistakes, the COSMIC MIND never does!


In the last section, we learned about the Veil, or Ray as some call it. Now, many of you have spent some time in trying to sense the aura or see the veil since you read about it. Remember, practice is the only way possible through which we will gain sensitivity. It is very similar to, for instance, a musician playing an instrument. When he first attempted it, it was awkward, blundering, and even discordant. But through practice and more practice, e became expert. It is a skill he acquired only through effort and patience, and it is the same with Auric Sight. Take advantage of every opportunity to become sensitive to people. See through and beyond, and listen to the Inner Voice of Intuition.

We learned that the veil or ray extends around the human body, much like a balloon, and that it is very, very sheer and translucent, glowing with the softest color, and that this color is very pale and sheer near the body, but deepens and darkens as it leaves the body.

Now within this veil, as your eyes become accustomed to seeing it, you will begin to catch areas of movement, and at times, flashes of color. Eventually you will notice that the movement, sensed as much as seen, is closer to the body, and that the outer areas of the “balloon” are still and quiet.

This is because the aura is actually made up of layers, each one extending outward from the last. There are seven layers that MAY be perceived by the human eye, though only five of these seven are readily visible to trained Auric Sight.

The layers are numbered from the body outward, and the first three closest to the body constitute what we call the INNER AURA.

The Fourth layer is very hard to define, as it merges with both the 3rd and 5th layer, and actually constitutes a “Bridge”. The fifth layer is quiet, there is no motion in it, and it is readily seen. It fades out as it approaches the 6th layer.

Those who claim to have seen the 6th and 7th layers liken it to pale yellow-white gauze. I can believe this, as because in my sight I do get a pale reflection, with some movement of sheerest color near the border (or what I think might be the border of the 5th layer).

The Layers of the aura, in the order of their appearance from inner to outer are as follows:

1st Layer = Pranic

2nd Layer = Astral

3rd Layer = Mental

4th Layer = Intuitive

5th Layer = Causal

6th Layer = Cosmic

7th Layer = Cosmic

The first layer, Pranic is purely physical. It radiates energy and shows the state of the person’s health. As I mentioned several lessons back, this layer may be seen anywhere from one or less inches from the body to as much as 4 inches from the body. It is a blue-grey in color, more or less translucent and appears almost striated, in that there are fine waves, or rays of energy moving outward in it. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not see these fine rays, as this sight comes with practice.

The second layer, Astral is comparatively vivid in coloring, constituted of many colors – fluctuating, moving. This layer reacts continuously to emotions, and is most plainly seen in the areas of the Chakra centers. It is visible in an area about 9 inches out from the body. As your sight begin to develop, you will glimpse or intuit at first only very small areas of color, or maybe only one color. With practice more and more patches of color become visible.

The third layer, Mental is in a way, almost two layers, the larger of which, lies next to the Astral layer, and represents the conscious, thinking Using part of SOUL or self. This first strata of the third or mental layer is yellow – a clear translucent yellow, and may boarder upon a chartreuse or yellow-green in certain people.

The outside of this third (mental) layer, lying against the 4th layer, is a deep orange-gold. This, when seen will be true in all cases, and as sight develops, will become a “landmark” by which to judge other layers, due to its density of color.

In the next lesson, we will continue with the layers of the aura. Between now and then, I hope you all will take every opportunity to practice, practice, practice. Every chance you get to sit and talk with someone, as you talk, let your eyes go out of focus, gaze past them, and remain alert to see what may be seen. (This does not imply that you should be rude, or stare – you can consciously carry on an intelligent conversation at the same time!)

Do not forget the other dimensions of your mind, of really, yourselves. So that when you go out into the world of other people, this other dimension of you can contact the other dimension of those you meet, and you can sense their thoughts and feelings. (Using Intuition, as we have been taught.)

  • * USE your intuition to tell the time.

  • * USE your intuition when the telephone rings.

  • * USE your intuition to guess what he car ahead of you on the street or highway is going to do.

  • * SENSE or feel the magnetic field around the person sitting or standing next to you, wherever you may be.

  • * SENSE or feel or see the veil of color surrounding those people you meet.

  • * SENSE or intuit areas of color around people.

Remember, you never look directly at the person for whom you are reading. Instead, you look beside and beyond, letting your eyes drift out of focus, while at the same time remaining totally alert.

May God and the Cosmos, Bless you all!

Until our next lesson…

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