Lesson 4 - The First Veil of Auric Sight

By Frances

We are going to get very technical, and take up, in a very condensed form, the structure of the physical eye. This is necessary so that we understand technically, the how and why of the part played by the physical eye in Auric Sight.

Essentially there are two types of vision present in the normal human eye. FOVEAL VISION, which is CONE vision and day vision, and PERIPHEREAL VISION, which is night and side vision.

The RETINA is the lining at the back of the eyeball. It contains both the RODS and the CONES, with the cones, some six to seven million of them, mainly centered in the middle of the retina. The rods surround the cones, and there are approximately one hundred and thirty million of these.

The work of the cones is primarily that of direct focus, and seeing color. They react to brightness and to movement. Most of our seeing is the work of the cones, as they are able to distinguish detail.

However, most important to Auric vision are the rods, or Peripheral vision. The work of the rods is primarily IMAGE DETECTION, side vision and motion in the periphery of ones vision.

This is the all important reason why I repeat throughout these lessons… Never look directly at the area you want to see. GAZE beside, or beyond.

This allows the rods, the part of the eye designed for this work, to pickup the image that we seek. Peripheral vision is essentially unable to distinguish detail, however it does detect images and faint images that cone vision miss.

Vision is as much a part of the brain as it is the eye. Without the brain to interpret, the sight of the eye would be meaningless. So we can say that our intellectual study (use of the brain in the field of Auric Encounter), is as necessary as is the actual “eyesight” of the aura.


In order to become AWARE in the work which we are studying in this class, we are going to have to develop an “attunement” with other and finer vibrations. We all have the equipment to do this --- it is a case of LEARNING THAT WE DO, that there are many “senses” of which we have been ignorant, that we have them, and that we can USE them.

Paramahansa Yogananda has this to say, “Mediumistic abilities develop as a matter of course among Souls growing toward Universal Consciousness”. He illustrates by continuing, “Mediumistic qualities are a side product of evolvement --- not the ultimate end or the goal. On the path to Universal Consciousness, awareness, and abilities ALL are developed.

I think it would be well to think on these facts as we attempt to develop our own mediumistic qualities. Even though the title of our studies is Auric Encounter, we should realize that it really is as Paramahansa Yogananda states, only a side product in the TOTAL growth of our soul. It is not an end in itself, and it cannot be used as an end in itself. Anyone that could attempt to use it so, would fail.

AWARENESS is perhaps the most vital ingredient of all. It is like the yeast added to bread to cause it to rise and expand. This is what we really want: The expansion of our Soul --- to include Auric Sight! Part of Awareness is knowing ourselves. Abstractly considering ourselves in much the same fashion as, for instance, the Karmic Board would consider us.

Exercise to develop the use of Rods within Eye (side-Peripheral Vision)

Place nose ½” from center circle. Using both eyes begin at the Figure 1 starting point, following arrows. Continue clockwise around diagram 3 times.

Reverse action, beginning at Figure 2 starting point. Continue counter clockwise around diagram 3 times.

Exercise no more than 15 minutes at one time.

Diagram shown ½ size…

We think, in the conventional and orthodox sense, that we are guilty of all kinds of “sins”. We go back and inventory all the wrong things we have done in our lives in our self-examination

But in other spheres -- on the planes which we are studying in these lessons -- these “sins” -- matter not at all!

Then what, if we eliminate all of our physical so-called sins, can you imagine what DOES matter in our evolvement?

Here is the list:

1 -- Selfishness
2 -- Egotism
3 -- Stupidity
4 -- Dissipation (of)
                  A -- Energies
                  B -- Gifts
                  C -- Opportunities

Let me expand on this a little. We would say that to do murder is a sin. Indeed, the act of the murder is a wicked wrong doing -- one punishable by the people through the courts of the land. Even beyond this, in the life after death, the wrong-door will find himself guilty before a Karmic Board, and Karmicly he will have to pay the price for his wrong doing.

But the SIN lies behind the murder -- in the MOTIVE of the murder. What was the wrong reason this murder was committed: Was it jealously? If so, jealousy is only another form of SELFISHNESS. (“You can’t have it, it belongs to me” -- “if I can’t have it, nobody else will either”).

Selfishness is completely incompatible with a Soul growing toward Godliness. It is a major flaw and so considered a sin.

By using imagination and insight, we can supply an illustration for every one of the above outlined sins.

Each and every single one of us has a PLAN for our lives. Each and every single one of us has a purpose for being here, and a mission to fulfill. In the light of the above qualities, have you any idea of what your purpose in life might be, or what your mission might be?

Awareness will give us our answers. Because the work that we are doing is in the field of “GOD CONSCIOUSNESS”, total comprehension must be our aim.

We cannot RIGHTLY see, or RIGHTLY USE the Aura, if we do not comprehend the message of life itself. Through incomprehension or miscomprehension, selfish misuse of this ability which we are studying, we can harm drastically ourselves, and others - thereby creating Karma of the worst kind.


I have stressed sensitivity in our studies so far. Tonight I will add another facet which we have also touched upon -- Intuition. You might liken SENSITIVITY and INTUITION to the main supports or properties of Auric Sight.

Let us outline it like this: The essential aids to Auric sight are these:

1 -- Foundation             = Comprehension
2 -- 1st Property           = Sensitivity                      = Auric Sight
3 -- 2nd Property          = Intuition

Now, we are going to use both Sensitivity and Intuition to try and determine the FIRST or outer layer of color that you will encounter in observing the aura of another person.

There are some Teachers that call this the Ray. To me, it is a veil. It completely enshrouds the person, extremely sheet, completely transparent. The color of this veil deepens on its outer edges, away from the body. It extends from 18 inches to 2 feet out on either side of the body, and appears almost as a balloon of color in which the person stands.This balloon or envelope is nearly flat on the top, at about the shoulders of the body. In people with great drive, or “presense” as it is sometimes called, vital, really alive people, this veil will be relatively easy to distinguish. In fact, as you become accustomed to sensing and intuiting, it will become the first thing you are aware of in another’s presence.

With people of lesser drive, less vital people, the veil will be harder to distinguish. It will be paler -- often to the point of not much more than a faintly tinged fog. Also, it will appear much smaller, being somewhere between first, you are not going to “see” this. 12 to 18 inches on either side of the body.

Now at first, you are not going to “See” this. You are going to INTUIT it. Can you explain to me what we have already studied about intuition?

Right! It is the FIRST impression that pops into your mind. It is NOT fathered by thought, but is an impression ONLY.

Exercise - On a sheet of paper, list all the people in the room. Sit quietly for a moment and then glance up at ONE person. Keep your mind blank, but be impressed with the person, feel the person, and form a COLOR ASSOCIATION.

Write your color impression down beside that persons name on your paper. Draw a few deep breaths, then, with your mind blank, look up at the next person on your list -- and so on until you have completed your list. One of the ways that works well is to do this on at work, at home if you live with multiple people, at the library, or even in the subway where you can glance around at others freely.

Alright - Now, a few words of caution. The color you sensed at this point may not necessarily be correct. There are a number of things that could influence it. Chiefly, the color of clothes the person you viewed was wearing. This is something that has to be allowed for -- seen, but seen through. Continued practice is the only way to perfect Auric sight.

May God and the Cosmos, Bless you all!

Until our next lesson…

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