Lesson 3 - Life and Death of Matter

By Frances

The field we are studying, Auric Encounter, is a relatively untouched field. A certain amount of work has been done -- research to determine the electromagnetic field of aminate and inaminate matter -- some work to determine the amount and effect of electromagnetic radiation, and among Metaphysicians, a compiling of data in regards to the layers of the aura, the colors involved and their possible meanings.

What we term ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception, has received a tremendous boost by the work done by the Russians in this field. Occasionally, there are new areas of insight that are opened up to some of us, areas that are as of yet, uninvestigated.

One such area pertains to the quality and quantity of electromagnetic vibrations in all the various stages of what we call the life and death of matter. For instance, there is NOTHING within the sphere of the planet Earth that is without an aura… (and of course, other spheres and other planets, but they are not to be studied, yet!)

All matter, whatever kind, is LIVING matter and all life contains energy - Measurable Electromagnetic Energy. LIFE IS ENERGY -- ENERGY IS LIFE. (Do not forget that life can be both conscious and unconscious!)

Now, you may want to argue with me, and contend that there is DEAD matter. To our untrained senses, this seems to be so; however, man has put an arbitrary meaning on the word "dead".

Dead does not mean dead. It means CHANGE. Change from one rate of vibration to another.

In death, the rate of the vibratory force is lowered, until any matter (animal, vegetable, or mineral) becomes fluid, at which point it undergoes another CHANGE, increasing its vibratory rate to an astonishing degree whereby it can become the nourishment for further life.

The reason that I have brought this up at this time is that you may not be misled by any preformed ideas. The chair that you are sitting upon, the table in front of you, even the light beaming down upon you -- ALL are a form of life. All are living, though at the levels of the different rates of vibrations. ALL have energy patterns, and all have auras.

This is one of the reasons that I personally have never been able to go along with the belief in vegetarianism, on the grounds that it is wrong to kill.

One of the easiest and most beautiful or auras to see is the simple clover blossom. Attached to its roots, its auric field extends some five inches, brilliant in pinks, yellows, and greens. When it is plucked, auric sight can see it fade, until its color is nearly gone, and only a tiny energy pattern remains.

And the common carrot -- what of its Life, its aura and energy pattern? Or the potato, onion, or any other root crop?

When once parted from its umbilical cord, its roots severed from its nourishment, Mother Earth, instantly, its rate of vibration begins to change. Its aura fades, and the process we call decay begins.

This change -- decomposition -- is common to every single species of matter within our sphere.

I wonder if you have ever thought of this… Everything that ever was… still IS. Do you know that the weight of our planet has not changed in the recorded history of Man?

This of this… The Earth has around it an electromagnetic shield. This shield creates the law of gravity, which protects the Earth, both from itself, and from outside forces. Within this shield, all that ever was, remains. Not one thing is lost. Ask yourself… Where could it go?

All that ever happens is that the rate of vibration of any particular thing changes. It assumes another shape, another form. Matter is not lost -- merely changed!


Speaking of the Earth, and coming back now to the aura, I will answer a question that was put to me. It was this… Does the Earth have an Aura, and if so, can it be seen, and what does it look like?

Recently, I made a trip; an "out of the body" astral trip to the planet Uranus. Out in space, surrounded by velvet dark and glowing constellations, I looked back and beheld the Earth planet… darkly luminous, within a sheath of the softest PINK imaginable.

The pink appeared darker close to the Earth surface, becoming clearer and truer -- shining pink -- as the aura reached its zenith of color, then fading to a glimmering yellow-white.

It was beauty such as mortal eyes cannot see, or pen and words record. In later lessons, as we study these colors, you will understand the significance of them, and relate them to the beautiful experience of Earth.


Now, we will take our first step into actually working with the aura. I asked you to playing games with yourself since the last lesson. I asked that you use your INTUITION to SENSE the time of day, rather than looking at your watch or a clock. How many of you were faithful with this experiment? Did you play the mental games with traffic on the highway? And were the people that called you on the phone the ones you thought they would be?

Believe me, these are important exercises. They are all designed to develop intuition, to stimulate your Sense of Comprehension. All our lessons won't do any good if you yourself don't put forth the effort to practice the techniques.

It is recommended that you read completely through this lesson before attempting any of the exercises.

We are going to begin by SENSING the aura. Stand up now, and walk slowly around the room three times in one direction -- turn, and walk, again slowly, three times around the room in the opposite direction.

Now, stand where you are and blindfold yourself with a bandana or scarf. Do not be afraid.

As you stand there, shake yourself. HARD!

Start by shaking your hands and arms. Then shake your shoulders and head. Now come down to your tummy and hips. Followed by one leg and foot at a time.

Now, someone will approach you. They will not touch you, but will stand within a foot of you. Keep your senses open, but DO NOT THINK. Clearly say aloud the FIRST things you SENSE.

If you are by yourself, you can use objects instead of people - by first remembering your first impressions, and after you have completed the experiment, record them in your notebook.

For further testing, you can repeat this experiment with other people.


A few last words. I am sure you realize that you were attempting to form DEFINITIONS within another's aura. We will repeat this experiment. This is to sensitize you, to cause your sense of comprehension with the faculties of intuition and clairvoyance to function on their own, but obedient to your will.

This next week, you are to use the same techniques you used here tonight (except that you will not be blindfolded) upon everyone that you are physically close to. Try this at the grocery while waiting in line, theater, brunch, or a party. Remember… do not use thought.


May God and the Cosmos, Bless you all!

Until our next lesson…

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