Lesson 2 - Auric Encounter

By Frances

Welcome to Auric Encounter! We begin a semester of study today, of experimentation, and of personal development and enrichment that you should enjoy and gain much from, for personal use and as an aid in helping others.

First, how many of you know EXACTLY what the aura is? That was a tricky question, really, because I used the word "exactly". Most of you undoubtedly have a general idea of what the aura is, or you wouldn't be interested in learning more about it.

Let me give you the definition for the aura, and please write this down for future reference:

The aura is the electromagnetic field emanating from and surrounding any matter or substance.

To enlarge this definition farther:

The electromagnetic field is composed of vibratory frequencies, each frequency vibrating in accord with that cause from which it emanates.

You will understand more about this definition as we go along in our studies through this program. All we need to remember for now is that we are studying an actual measurable electric field that surrounds all matter, and most particularly, human matter… Us!
You will find that as we work with the aura, and with developing auric sight, the field broadens and you will be led from one exciting experience to another. Each has its place in the total development of the sense of comprehension. Whether it is Psychology or Astrology, Vibrational Interpretation, or Healing, you will come to find that each subject is exactly like the spokes in a wheel. Each subject is an avenue leading to the center… the hub of the wheel.

In Tarot, which is another spoke or avenue, this wheel is card #10, and is called, The Wheel of Fortune. It shows a man bound to the rim of the wheel -- bound by his own clinging (desire) -- forever going around and around. Man is the Microcosm, riding the rim of the wheel in search of the Microcosm (the Hub), but blind to all the avenues (the Spokes) that lead there.

What do you suppose the hub of the wheel represents? Since we are studying metaphysics, we will call the hub, Cosmic Consciousness or, the cosmos. We could also call it -- Fulfillment -- Attainment -- or Realization.

The vast majority of people find and travel at least one and maybe several more of the avenues leading to the hub. Many of these people believe they have found true cosmic consciousness. Can any of you imagine what would be wrong with this belief?

Of course! They cannot realize TOTAL comprehension when they have knowledge of only a few of the avenues. That would be like claiming to know a country when you were familiar with the capitol of only one state!

For they can only look back by the way in which they came. They do not have the advantage of having all the avenues open to their sight. They do not have access to the knowledge gained along these other pathways… and limit is not within the scope of cosmic attainment!

In our lesson on Auric Encounter, we are going to take many side trips onto other pathways, but always remember the spokes of the wheel! These pathways are really united -- no one is really divergent or separate from any other, or from the common goal -- the Hub.


In order to understand the mechanism behind the employment of our senses, and especially our sense of comprehension, we are going to next spend time in understanding the "Cone of Consciousness" as depicted by Jung -- one of the foremost founders of modern psychology.

It might be helpful to look at the picture of the cone, in which we can see the interplay of the conscious -- the subconscious -- the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious, and the ALL, or Cosmic Conscious.

You will note that at the points where the collective unconscious becomes individualized, we have what we will call automatic "check valves". Actually, these and this area are not "valves" at all, but the convulsive inverted action of the vibratory rate at this critical point. Their action is that of filtering. It is important in our work with the aura to learn exactly how, when, and why this area of our total conscious works, because it is due to, and through this area that all thought impressions filter.

Were this not so, all types of material, wanted and unwanted, rubbish or that which would be completely unimportant to our own consciousness would flow unhampered, and we would find ourselves in mental chaos. This is what happens in dreams at night, when we are relaxed and exerting no conscious control, that material which does penetrate the filters of our personal cone is always in accord with our own state of evolvement.

This, incidentally, is one of the cosmic laws: Like attracts Like. We humans use it and see it working on our mundane level, but in our metaphysical work, we know that "As above, so below" -- We will forever attract that with which we are in accord.

Again, let us examine the picture of the cone of consciousness. We can imagine that this cone is something like an iceberg, rising out of the waters of the sea -- the sea of the great unconscious. This iceberg represents you. You, yourself, are the point wherein the collective unconscious becomes conscious -- becomes individualized.

There are many millions of those: "icebergs", these cones, rising from this great sea. Each one represents a person: family, friends, and the man on the street. All draw from and add to the "great sea of the unconscious", in exactly the same way as we do ourselves. As we look at the picture and examine the workings of the cone, we can't help but think of all the different experiences, all the different thoughts, that filter down and become absorbed in the sea of unconscious from all the different people everywhere, in all the different walks of life!

Just as thoughts, ideas, and impressions filter down, so do they filter up. Think what that means! We can have all the knowledge that is and ever was, simply by way of this filter in our personal cone!

If you find this puzzling, and are thinking, "Well, if this is so, then why do I not know more than I do?"

The answer of course, is the Archetypes. Look at the picture again, and you will notice that the area of our cone immediately next to the collective unconscious is almost completely filled with what appears to be tiny masses. Herein lies the secret to the development and use of all the faculties of the sense of comprehension, and to all mediumship of whatever kind.

These Archetypes, or filters, are in a state of almost continual motion. Their job is to block, to distort, to impede and to screen all that which attempts to penetrate the veil between the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious.

The trigger that sets and keeps them in motion is MENTAL ACTIVITY. The greater the mental activity, and the greater the critical attitude, the greater is the disturbance of the archetypes or filters.

On the surface, this seems like an almost impossible situation. However, this situation is one of the major points of metaphysical study. We must learn to STILL this area of our conscious, and to still it at our command or will. In a way, this is easier than it might at first seem.

For the sake of simplification, we are going to assume that all of you reading this lesson are what we term, "intellectuals". That is, that you react to the dictates of your intellect rather than emotions.

This being the case, you have to always know WHY. Once the intellect (or why) is satisfied, the subject matter becomes part of the subconscious, no longer to create mental activity.

Can you see that what we KNOW, we no longer need to think about? Of course, we can recall AT WILL, and mentally use or reexamine the subject, but the action is different, and now it is a matter of SELECTIVE use of the will.

Therefore, we have accomplished three things. By adding knowledge, we have broadened our intellect and thereby our sense of comprehension. -- We have expanded our conscious, and we have added selective scope to the use of our will.

When we know the action and interaction that takes place in our consciousness, it makes it much easier to help ourselves. We can see that puzzling, worrying, fretting, living physically and mentally in indecision and uncertainty are the very attitudes that block us from that which we hope to accomplish.

Decisive action, setting out to learn the "whys" of the things that disturb us, that cause mental anxiety or hyperactivity, is the only way by which we can gain mental quietude.

Through quietude we can then allow the two-way interflow between our own cone of consciousness and great collective unconscious.

I am sure that by this time you must have had the thought that there are many other people around us that don't seem to have the communication with the collective unconscious and the Cosmic Conscious simple and easily attained.

This is so, and for the reason that these people are what we term "Emotionally Oriented" rather than "Intellectually Oriented". This is to say that they FEEL rather than ANALYZE. They have what we can term a relaxed mentality. They are not troubled by intellectual doubts and worries, and for the most part, they are content to take life as it comes along. Which is not to say that these people are not bright, educated, and responsible people -- because many are… It is simply a difference in the mental makeup.

Obviously, this state reduces mental activity in the crucial area of the archetypes, and so, allows a freer interchange.

With this knowledge behind us, we will come, during these lessons to learn to reply more and more upon willful intuitive impressions. This is all-important in our work with the aura, because at first, until auric sight develops, we will have to rely on intuition and sensitivity almost exclusively. Actually, we never cease this dependency, but as sight develops, we learn to control and direct it.


Because it is the most easily seen by nearly everyone, our exercise for today, and the following week, will be attempting to distinguish the ENERGY PATTERN or what is known as the PRANIC layer of the aura that surrounds every person or thing.

During this next week, and in the weeks to come, I ask that you to play a few games with yourself. They are games, but they are also very important in developing the sense of comprehension, and especially its faculties or Intuition and Clairvoyance.

In these games, we DO NOT use thought or any kind of mental activity. We use only an IMPRESSION. The FIRST impression. The intuitive first impression that makes itself known to us.

Quite frankly, at first you will be wrong more often than you will be right, but as time goes on, you will develop a very high degree of accuracy. This happens as we gain confidence and knowledge in what we are doing.

First Game: WHAT TIME IS IT?

No… do not look at your watch or the clock! Consider your FIRST mental impression only, and after you are impressed with a time, then check with your watch. You will be surprised with how fast your intuition develops - within a few short weeks you will hardly need to consult your watch!


Remember, first impression only. There are many adaptations of this game. For instance, on which floor will the person beside me in this elevator, leave? Which car is that man going to get into?


Quick, who is it?! Remember, first impression only. Every day there are dozens of situations where intuition will provide the answers. Intuition and the attendant faculties of the sense of comprehension can lead us to wise decisions in regards to material matters, such as investments of all kinds, dating, marriage, and associations. It can even save our life in times of danger and emergency.

All that it takes for such development is knowledge and practice - and more practice!

May God and the Cosmos, Bless you all!

Until our next lesson…

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