Lesson #1 - Introduction to Auric Study

By Frances

What is Auric Sight? This question has perplexed mankind down through the ages. Because science has been unable to produce a formula for that which is beyond the five senses, man is left without adequate knowledge or phraseology to explain that function of himself which is of nebulous character, though none the less real.

As a lifetime student and teacher, I can tell you this: Auric Sight is as real and as much a natural sense and function of the human man as is any of his other senses.

For the purpose of this study, I am going to name this nebulous characteristic "Comprehension", and re-arrange the order of our senses and expand them thusly:

The act of comprehension does not come under the category of any one of the ordinarily listed senses. Each of the senses involves the act, but the act stands alone as an independent function. Without the act of comprehension, not one of the other senses would have meaning for us.

Webster's Dictionary defines comprehension as the "Act of Understanding". Now, we look up "Understanding" and we find this: "Comprehend, Realize, Mental apprehension, and Appreciation."

What better definition could there be for what should be the first categorized sense of man, that of comprehension, than mental apprehension and appreciation?

To FULLY comprehend or understand, we would have to employ a full array of main faculties: taste, touch, see, feel, hear, and that obscured characteristic, comprehension.

Of what is comprehension composed? Since this is a MENTAL process, we have to look to the attributes of the mind, and immediately we are submerged in all sorts of intangible qualities!

But none the less real for the fact that they are intangible! MEMORY, a mental resource that constantly comes to our aid, and IMAGINATION, that almost hourly amplifies and augments our daily lives and occupations, are the two best known and recognized qualities. Less recognized but of no less importance are the faculties of INTUITION, CLAIRVOYANCE, and CLAIRAUDIENCE.

In order to "mentally apprehend", it is necessary that we employ these mental functions. The most practiced of these functions we do consciously, ALL are subconscious in nature, but through recognition and use are brought forth into the conscious mind.

It has often been stated that small children are very sensitive to what we term here as "comprehensive faculties". Imagination is highly developed, as are both clairvoyance and clairaudience. But as the child grows older, the practical business of living in our utilitarian world takes precedence over his private mental world, and slowly, but surely his impulses toward the faculties of comprehension are stifled, until, slowly, they become as I have stated, atrophied.

However, this is atrophied only in the sense of physical conscious expression. Subconsciously the ability to perceive mentally, to hear mentally is retained, and bursts forth in occasional "hunches", in occasional flashes of "insight".

In the case of those people we call mediums, the sense of comprehension is allowed a freer flow between the subconscious and conscious. For a number of reasons that we won't here go into, the condition of practical life and schooling have not been as effective; they can and do command and control the sense of comprehension.


As we can surmise from the foregoing, there are two types of Mediumship. The first type, and perhaps the most well known because of its rather spectacular nature, is TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP. Perhaps the best known Medium of this type was Edgar Cayce, often called the "Sleeping Prophet".

In this type of mediumship the sense of comprehension is brought forth from the mind of the subject while the subject is in a state in many ways similar to sleep. This is accomplished with the aid of a second and even a third party.

The second type of mediumship, and the one with which we are most concerned, is termed CONSCIOUS MEDIUMSHIP. In this type of mediumship the subject regulates consciously the flow, or interchange between his state's of consciousness, directing and channeling the material supplied by the sense of comprehension.

There is nothing either mysterious or remarkable about mediumship, once the sense of comprehension is understood. Every single human possesses it, it is according to their own free will and knowledge whether or not they use it or allow it to become atrophied.

Auric Sight is no more than a blend of two of our eight senses. Those of the sense of comprehension, and the sense of sight. One as real and factual as the other. There is nothing strange or phenomenal about the person that can "read the aura". The most that can be truly said is that this person has developed his senses to a very high degree.

Throughout the chapters of this book, I constantly reiterate the twin themes - study and practice. Study expands the consciousness and deepens the awareness. Through study, our horizons broaden, and the scope of our knowledge lends breadth to our sense of comprehension.

Study does not necessarily mean taking a prescribed course in one or more subjects. It does not mean tedious hours of work and exams. Most especially, it does not mean limiting oneself to one teacher or guru or to one school or one organization.

Instead, it should consist of many pleasurable hours with various teachers. Hours spent curled up with good books by many authors -- more than one or two opinions on any subject. Remember this: No ONE teacher has ALL the truth!

Practice can be a real bug-a-boo if we make it so. It can be the stumbling block over which we fall and fall again, finding it harder to rise and continue each time. Especially for those of us that lead busy lives, with our time almost totally accounted for, time in which to squeeze in practice seems almost impossible.

There are a number of ways with which to combat the difficulty of practice. Throughout the chapters and lessons in this book, I have given types of practice that can be done as we go about our daily business. In those practices, we not only gain abilities, but at the same time, we add interest and variety to our daily lives.

The other method, which I highly recommend is to use alternately the techniques of various other teachers. This holds true whether you are studying Auric Sight, Meditation or even Yoga! No matter whom the teacher, the objective is the same: Your own development.

Happy reading and happy development!

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